Six Simple Ways to Use Mobile Technology to Reach and Engage Today’s Drivers

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Attracting, hiring and retaining drivers has never been more challenging, as carriers are dealing with high employee turnover and stiff competition from other carriers. Without a clear, sound hiring strategy, trucking companies may find they are scrambling to employ average drivers, much less ones at the top of their game.

Carriers must be able to find the drivers they need to be successful; however, limited advertising budgets and recruiting resources can hamper those efforts. To address the driver shortage, more companies are employing mobile technologies in their sourcing strategies.

In recent years, mobile technology and its adoption among drivers has increased dramatically. In addition to making calls, texting, using social media, and browsing the Internet, drivers are using their mobile devices for another important activity—looking for a new job.

Randall Reilly’s 2014 Connectivity Study found that 66% of drivers use a Smartphone to access social media services. Since drivers are more tech-savvy than ever, they must be recruited on a digital level.

Benefits of Adding Mobile Technologies to Your Sourcing Strategy

Mobile-based sourcing efforts can help companies identify potential candidates. Global positioning system (GPS) technology allows companies to send targeted text messages to candidates within a specific geographical area. These messages can be about job openings, career events or company news. Mobile campaigns can be personalized to the end recipient and implemented on a very cost-effective basis.

Companies can connect with potential candidates at a moment’s notice. This immediacy can facilitate communications and help reduce time-to-hire. Communicating with candidates via mobile technologies can promote better engagement throughout the entire hiring process.

Simple Ways to Incorporate Mobile into Your Program

Companies use a wide variety of approaches to integrate mobile into their overall sourcing programs. Some of these strategies include any combination of the following:

  • Communicating job opportunities, career events, and other company news via text message through an opt-in community obtained via social media outlets.
  • Soliciting passive candidates with highly personalized text messages, identified via acquired targeted lists of GPS technology.
  • Placing quick response (QR) codes in traditional advertisements that when scanned by Smartphones provide more information on the company or directs the driver to an application page.
  • Optimizing the career sections of the website to make it easy to navigate via mobile devices.
  • Developing a software application that candidates can download to learn more about the employer, seek information on open positions, and apply for jobs.
  • Creating abbreviated job applications that work well on mobile devices to encourage candidates to provide the necessary information to initiate the process.

Busy drivers seeking employment appreciate mobile-ready technology, like optimized career sites and applications, that respect their time. Ensuring that a candidate can easily apply to your company via their mobile device can help the driver have a more positive overall impression of your company and results in a better candidate experience.

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