5 Tips to Prepare for your Background Check

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You’ve applied to a job and had a fantastic interview and now, you have to undergo a background check.  It may seem intimidating and invasive, but in reality, it is generally just a verification or confirmation process of information you have already provided to the employer. It could also include a review of public records about you, for example criminal records. It helps ensure the information you have given is accurate, so your potential employer can determine whether you are a good fit for the role.

But how can you prepare as a candidate? Follow our 5 tips and it will go a long way to making the process as quick and smooth as possible.


1. Have a copy of your CV to hand, along with the best phone number and email address to contact you on, should there be any questions regarding the information.


2. Research your own history, including employment dates, job titles and salaries, so you are able to provide complete and accurate information if asked.


3. In case universities, colleges or past employers don’t have records available to confirm your background history, locate documents in advance and collect supporting documentation, such as past payslips, contract copies, and degree certificates.


4. Be prepared to provide your current and past addresses, as well as your ID number(s) in some instances.


5. You may also need to provide copies of documents. This is dependent upon the checks that are required but may include ID documents such as passport or ID card, proof of address such as a utility bill, and documents supporting your employment or academic history as outlined above.

Most of all, it is vital to be honest and as accurate as possible when providing information. If you are found to be dishonest, employers may withdraw their job offer.

You can find more information and helpful tips on our candidate FAQ page.



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