Considerations for a Screening Policy (Does One Size Fit All?)

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Consistency is important when conducting background checks, but that doesn’t mean there is a standard set of checks you can run to cover all bases. There is a long list of factors that help organisations determine the type and scope of the background check that is right for them.

Location, Location, Location

Firstly, location has huge bearing on what background checks can be done, cannot be done, or are legally required. Remember, what’s legal in one country may not be allowed in another, so it is important you understand regional legislation before deciding on your policy.

Industry Regulation

Another factor to take into account is the respective regulations on your industry. Screenings that are required in one industry may be prohibited in another. Your organisations compliance with the various laws and regulations that affect it means you need to consider the types of background screening that are allowed, prohibited, and required by regulation. It’s vital to discuss this with your legal counsel.


Keeping the level of check proportional to the risk of each role is also another factor that prevents a blanket, one size fits all, approach to background screening. In simple terms, not all jobs carry the same level of risk and not all employers have the same level of risk tolerance. The complexity of a background check is likely to increase in proportion to the risk associated with that particular role. An executive-level screening will likely go into much greater depth in terms of cross-referencing and analysing the candidate’s experience, whereas a front-line factory worker probably won’t need nearly as detailed a check.

This again is down to your individual organisation to determine, depending on your risk tolerance. Certain organisations are more risk averse and will want a stringent screening program designed to elicit as much candidate information as needed for their evaluation. Other organisations may be willing to take on more risk, while still evaluating the candidate for hire.


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