The Candidate Experience: From First Impression to Onboarding

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The Candidate Experience

As part of our preparations for the Global Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we created the HireRight Candidate Commitment – our promise to candidates who trust us with their personal data. We make these eight commitments to every candidate we screen.

  1. We will manage your data as required by regulation
  2. We will be clear and transparent about how we process your data
  3. We will process your data in accordance with local laws
  4. We will make sure you know your choices and status at every stage
  5. We will not share your data more widely than necessary
  6. We will be impartial
  7. We will be open
  8. We will make it as easy as possible to use our service

You can read the full candidate commitment in our GDPR White Paper on pages 22-24.

Improving Your Candidate Experience

In addition to the candidates we screen for our clients, we work hard to ensure that people looking to join HireRight have a positive candidate experience as well.

We’ve found a handful of easy, low-cost ways to improve our candidate experience and help ensure we find the right people to support our clients. These ideas might work for your organisation too.

  • Utilise current and past employees to talk about why they chose to work with you and what it’s like to work there. Written testimonials work well and video is a great alternative. Take a look at our latest recruitment video, where we asked some of our colleagues why they choose to work with HireRight and what they enjoy about working with us.
  • Share updates about your company culture on a dedicated social media channel. This will help candidates get a realistic feel for your company culture over a longer period of time. It is also useful to have a platform that your employees can contribute to, helping to drive employee engagement. We use our Instagram to share images from our different offices and employee social activities.
  • Share details about the stages of your recruitment process online. This will likely vary from role to role, but it will help candidates know what to expect before they apply. Read more about HireRight EMEA’s Recruitment Process
  • Craft concise and accurate job descriptions, including what the roles entail and any necessary requirements. Clearly stating the qualities and experience you require in your employees manages candidates’ expectations of the role, gives them an opportunity to tailor their CV to highlight relevant skills, and can minimise candidates applying for unsuitable positions. View our current vacancies

With a bit of creativity and planning, your company can provide candidates with the best possible experience, from pre-application through to onboarding. This helps to create a positive first impression that can go a long way toward strong employee engagement and retention.



HireRight is here to help guide you through the biggest screening challenges so you can focus on what’s important to you; attracting top talent. HireRight provides employment background screening services to organisations of any size, in every industry, and nearly anywhere.

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