2018 HireRight EMEA Life Sciences Spotlight Report

2018 HireRight EMEA Life Sciences Spotlight Report

The 2018 HireRight EMEA Global Life Sciences Spotlight Report provides valuable insights on key industry trends and best practices in hiring, screening and employment from the annual HireRight Employment Screening Benchmark Survey. 

The companies in the life sciences industry are in a unique position, facing tighter hiring markets than many other industries and looking for candidates with specific licenses and qualifications. The employees they hire must also be trusted with valuable intellectual property (IP) and expensive laboratory equipment. These make for tough challenges for all life science organisations, and our Background Screening Benchmark Survey revealed how many companies plan to overcome them.

Key themes:

The vast majority of life sciences companies expect their workforce to grow over the next twelve months
Organisations face a variety of challenges in screening job candidates in international locations
Companies are investing in improving processes and the candidate experience

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