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Last Updated: August 03, 2020, 1:20 PM PDT

Company Update


  • We have implemented a new report linking and Report Collection functionality, as well as ATS Integration updates in Screening Manager.  Please download our job aid, which includes Frequently Asked Questions for more details.
  • For your reference, please review our overall response to the coronavirus outbreak and our precaution and continuity measures. 
  • Also, review our best practice background screening guidelines created to assist our customers with information on how to effectively screen and onboard candidates in the COVID-19 environment.

Our leadership team is meeting daily to address and respond to any issues or concerns from our global offices. To support the needs of our team members, our Human Resources team has started a task force to respond to the local needs of each office location.

We have taken precautionary steps to support our teams in fulfilling the recommended social distancing measures that have been announced globally. All of our team members are being given the opportunity to work remotely, should they wish. This will not impact our operations and will provide for the safety of all our employees.

Public Records

Court Closures: During these unprecedented times, it is extremely important to understand how state, city, and county closures can impact the background screening process. Our process starts with ensuring we have the most comprehensive picture of a candidate’s identity, prior addresses, and aliases. Our WideScreen product helps find even more data to help ensure we understand all the potential areas that may also need to be investigated as part of the background screen process. We are seeing that approximately 97% of our cases in progress are being fulfilled.

Stay current with the latest on court closures or delays as we are receiving on-going updates from local, state and federal jurisdictions about court system closures and are posting in Announcements on HireRight Global’s Screening Manager. You can also reference those consolidated updates here: (Updated: 2020/08/03).


The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many service centers. Service hours may be reduced or interrupted without notice. Please call the service center directly before appointment to verify operator availability.

Global Screening

HireRight's global operations are continuing business as usual. However, there may be some delays. Access the consolidated updates here: (Updated 2020/07/23)

Drug & Health Screening

  • Quest/LabCorp Patient Service Centers: These centers are open and available to perform drug screen collections. These centers are not staffed with physicians to see patients and are not performing collections for the COVID viral marker testing (individuals currently infected with COVID-19). There have been several closures in some areas, you can access the most up to date list here (Updated: 2020/06/23). HireRight is making updates to our network with these closings, and they will not be available for scheduling.  We still ask that you call the clinic ahead of time to ensure hours.
  • Clinics – Preferred/Extended: These clinics are taking the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of patients, including enhanced cleaning procedures and proper triaging and containment of symptomatic patients. Many clinics are now open and performing routine services.  Any closed clinics have been updated in our system and will not be available for scheduling.  Any clinics that close will be updated in our system and won’t be available for scheduling.  As always, we ask for clients/candidates to call ahead. The most up to date closings of these clinics can be found here (Updated: 2020/06/23).
  • Face Masks  Many clinics have implemented new safety measures at their clinics and patient service centers.  Many are asking that face masks be worn – specifically Quest and Concentra.  Please bring your own mask if you can. Most centers may have them available but they cannot be guaranteed.
  • Clinic Appointments – LabCorp: Updated program allow candidates to make appointments online, provide a cell number to be notified via text when the technician is available. This allows them to wait in their car instead of in the waiting room. Candidates and clients can schedule appointments by visiting:
  • Laboratories: Our laboratory partners are supporting the testing of COVID-19, however, the testing is not taking place at the toxicology lab locations where all our drug test samples are shipped/tested.
  • Pulmonary Function Tests (PFT): Pulmonary Function Tests have been suspended at many clinics, including the Concentra and CareNow/CareNow Urgent Care network of clinics. An advisory from the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine details the risks associated with PFT tests and advises to suspend these tests unless clinically essential (Link to advisory).
  • Breath Alcohol Tests: Breath alcohol tests have been suspended at some clinics, including the MedExpress network. These clinics are being removed as a possible location selection during scheduling to limit confusion.
  • Alternative Drug Testing Options during COVID-19 Crisis: If clients are concerned about using clinical centers for testing, and looking for alternative testing options, HireRight can offer Oral Fluid Laboratory testing kits. These kits are collected by donors onsite, with supervision, and then packaged and shipped to the lab for testing (Click for more information on oral fluids or Download our guide for additional resources ).
  • International Drug Testing: International drug testing has been suspended in the following countries:
    • Chile
    • Greenland
    • India – Limited availability. 
    • Ireland – limited availability.
    • Sicily
    • Kuwait
    • Ukraine


                  Please note the information provided should not be considered official, legal guidance. 


The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has provided new guidance for virtual inspections for fully remote workforces. In summary, employers may virtually inspect a new hire’s employment authorization documents (EAD) if:

  1. They have adopted a work remote policy, and no worker is available to physically inspect the EAD.
  2. The work remote policy is documented (and possibly provided to ICE – it’s unclear if this needs to be done now or as part of an inspection).
  3. Employers conducting a virtual inspection note “COVID-19” in the “Additional Information Field” on Sections 2 or 3
  4. An in person physical inspection of the EAD are conducted within 3 days after the end of the COVID-19 national emergency
  5. The “Additional Information Field” on Sections 2 or 3 must be amended to note “documents physically examined” with the date of inspection.

Employers who are not fully work remote must adhere to the “any person” authorized representative process for completing Sections 2 & 3. 

Read more at, How To Manage Form I-9 Amid The COVID-19 Pandemic, by Alonzo Martinez, Associate Counsel, Compliance for HireRight.


Please check back regularly for updates.

HireRight's Customer Service Response: "Yes, HireRight operations are continuing business as usual. However, there may be some delays to background report processing due to limited staffing or closures of courts, schools, businesses, clinics or other sources due to Coronavirus COVID-19 concerns."

Security and Data Privacy

We remain committed to the protection of the information you have entrusted to us. Our technology measures and process controls are designed to protect your data, even when our researchers access it remotely, by preventing, detecting and responding to threats, both internal and external.

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