HireRight Announces HireRight Connect Integration Platform

Irvine, Calif., October 14, 2008 — Providing businesses with an easy method for seamlessly integrating background screening with talent management, recruiting or other business systems is the focus of HireRight Connect™, a comprehensive integration platform announced today by HireRight, the leading provider of on-demand employment screening solutions. HireRight Connect sets a new standard for systems interoperability and flexibility in the on-demand employment screening market.

Through a scalable, secure design, HireRight Connect enables three core integration types; Pre-integrated Solutions with applicant tracking systems (ATS), custom integrations with third party applications and secure data feeds with third party systems.

According to Rob Pickell, vice president of marketing and product management at HireRight, “Companies today have many systems that help them manage their workforce, but each additional independent application increases complexity, time and the potential for error. HireRight makes it easy for companies to seamlessly integrate vital processes — background and drug screening and employment eligibility verification — with their own business applications. An HR, Security or IT manager has the ultimate flexibility in streamlining processes related to employment screening and they can decide to deliver background screening information virtually anyplace they need it.”

HireRight Connect Pre-Integrated Solutions let HR and hiring professionals access their background and drug screening capabilities through their recruiting application, eliminating redundancy and improving productivity, quality, visibility, security and collaboration. HireRight Connect Pre-Integrated Solutions are pre-built, pre-tested screening solutions designed in collaboration with leading recruiting solution providers. HireRight has successfully completed Pre-Integrated Solutions for Taleo, Vurv, PeopleSoft, VirtualEdge, PeopleAdmin, Deploy, Oracle, and others. These solutions are designed to ensure quick deployment, a positive user experience, user technical support and upgrade lifecycle support. In addition, Pre-integrated Solutions support a rich user experience including configurable ordering, ongoing statuses and alerts, report viewing, and access overall program dashboards – all available without leaving the recruiting application or having to log on to a separate system.

In cases where a HireRight Connect Pre-Integrated Solution is not available for a third party application, HireRight Connect supports custom integrations with applicant tracking systems, human resources information systems (HRIS), enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications and other systems. By leveraging the HireRight Connect API (application programming interface), employers and software partners can leverage a development toolkit to quickly and systematically build new integrations tied into background screening processes and information.

For organizations interested in incorporating only certain status or result information into an existing hiring, employment, provisioning or access process that is primarily facilitated by another system, HireRight Connect enables secure data feeds. Leveraging the HireRight Connect API, secure data feeds can be quickly developed and incorporated into an organization’s employment screening and related processes.

The HireRight Connect API dramatically reduces the effort associated with integrating applications with HireRight products and services, and establishing secure data feeds for exchanging information between HireRight and customer systems. The HireRight Connect API uses Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) and HR-XML to make it faster and easier to create new solutions. HireRight Connect is backed by a full program of HireRight support services.

About HireRight

HireRight is a leading provider of on-demand employment background and drug screening solutions that help employers efficiently implement, manage and control screening programs. Many companies, including more than 70 of the Fortune 500, trust HireRight because the company delivers customer-focused solutions that provide greater efficiency and faster results. HireRight also provides pre-integrated employment screening services through enterprise e-recruiting solutions from top providers such as Oracle/PeopleSoft, Taleo/Vurv, ADP/VirtualEdge and PeopleAdmin. HireRight is a USIS company. HireRight’s worldwide headquarters are located in Irvine, Calif. with offices and affiliates around the globe. For more information, visit the company’s web site at www.hireright.com.