HireRight Launches Sharing Economy Practice

IRVINE, Calif., Oct. 8, 2014 – To better meet the needs of emerging sharing economy business models, where services are provided through peer-to-peer marketplaces, HireRight, a leading provider of global employment screening and employment eligibility solutions, today announced the launch of its sharing economy practice that provides background screening services to sharing economy marketplaces. The practice group’s in-depth expertise in building scalable, technology-enabled solutions and advanced platform integration capabilities will be tailored toward this emerging market. The new practice will focus on supporting this rising industry with its most needed commodities – safety and trust.

The sharing economy practice is designed to provide the best screening and verification solutions for the emerging marketplaces – whether a worldwide house-sharing network, an online health advice service, or a local ride-sharing service. For these kinds of peer-to-peer networks, it’s critical that consumers trust that the marketplace entrepreneurs and the marketplace are safe and secure. HireRight’s integration technology platform provides a simple, seamless way for marketplaces to integrate screening into their existing provider registration process without requiring additional time or resources from the network, allowing them to rapidly increase the number of marketplace entrepreneurs. The sharing economy practice from HireRight can empower the marketplace entrepreneur and can provide a level of third-party assurance to help create trust between marketplace participants.

“Sharing economies are at the heart of the evolution of business in America and throughout the world. People are choosing non-traditional forms of engagement, and business models are springing up to embrace those choices. One of the keys to increased success for these diverse networks is consumer trust and safety, and background screening helps engender that trust by letting you know who you’re entering into a business relationship with,” said John Fennelly, chief executive officer, HireRight. “With HireRight’s extensive experience and global technology platform we can provide deeply integrated and timely verification solutions to our partners. I believe we are uniquely qualified to help support many of the exciting new opportunities in these emerging marketplaces.”

In some cases, a marketplace will mandate screening to help ensure consumer safety and mitigate risk, such as for drivers for a ride sharing service or verifying health professionals’ credentials. While others will offer screening as an option for providers as a way to promote and differentiate themselves, such as for clerical or personal assistant services. Regardless of the kind of services provided by the marketplace, the HireRight background check solution can support the interaction by fostering trust and safety in the network in accordance with the marketplace’s verification program.

HireRight delivers a positive overall experience for marketplace entrepreneurs, a critical requirement for sharing economies that are built on marketplace participation. HireRight’s innovative user friendly solutions easily guide people through the verification process. These solutions increase the transparency of the process and can help enhance the overall enrollment experience.

The HireRight sharing economy practice empowers marketplace entrepreneurs to build, manage, and promote their verified qualifications and backgrounds, while helping consumers to feel more confident in the safety and quality of the marketplace.   

About HireRight
HireRight is a leading provider of on-demand employment background checks, drug and health screening and electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify solutions that help employers automate, manage and control background screening and related programs. Many companies, including more than one-third of the Fortune 500, trust HireRight because the company delivers customer-focused solutions that provide greater efficiency and faster results. HireRight also provides pre-integrated background screening services through applicant tracking systems from top providers such as Oracle, Taleo, Kenexa, SAP, PeopleAdmin, HealthcareSource, HRsmart, and SilkRoad. For more information, visit the company’s web site at www.hireright.com.