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HireRight Debuts Suite of Advanced Post-Hire Employee Monitoring Solutions

Preeminent employment background check provider boosts post-hire offerings with Arrest Record Monitoring and Criminal Record Monitoring

IRVINE, Calif., May 18, 2020 – HireRight, a leading provider of global employment background checks, drug testing, education verification and electronic Form I-9 and E-Verify solutions, announces the launch of Arrest Record Monitoring and Criminal Record Monitoring. These post-hire, monitoring solutions help employers mitigate risk in their workforce by providing ongoing and up-to-date information on employee criminal behavior.

HireRight’s Arrest Record Monitoring is a post-hire monitoring solution that provides employers awareness of potential criminal activity among monitored employees. The offering reports on any verified employee arrest record activity in the last three days, whether or not the activity was filed in court records. This information is an early warning signal so employers can be aware of charges that might be forthcoming, which provides the employer with the opportunity to discuss the matter with the employee and take action as they find necessary for their organization.

HireRight’s Criminal Record Monitoring solution uses a database of more than 1,200 sources to identify criminal, sex offender, sanctions or exclusions records that have entered the system in the last month. This monthly monitoring helps employers verify that their workforce continues to meet their hiring criteria.

“While pre-hire background screening is a critical component in managing risk in the workplace, post-hire screening completes this picture by ensuring that the criteria set out for candidates and employees continues to be met throughout their tenure with the company,” said Scott Collins, HireRight’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Employee behavior can change, and if this behavior could introduce risk to other employees, customers, patients or assets, employers need to be equipped to make important and timely staffing decisions. With HireRight’s Arrest Record Monitoring and Criminal Record Monitoring solutions, employers will have the tools they need to help make these decisions.”

As found by HireRight’s 2019 Employment Screening Benchmark Report, 70% of companies do not rescreen employees after employment, and of those that do, 47% do so “periodically.” Rescreening employees on an ongoing basis, such as monthly with HireRight’s Criminal Record Monitoring solution, will help employers fully monitor employee activity and actively ensure that employees continue to meet the requirements for hire. A trusted employee unchecked might have an arrest or criminal record the company is not aware of, and one that, if exposed, might cause concern. 

HireRight is hosting a webinar on May 20 titled “Rescreening or Monitoring? That is the Question” to discuss rescreening and post-hire monitoring options and considerations. To join the webinar or receive an on-demand recording, please visit: https://www.hireright.com/events/view-webinar/Rescreening-or-Monitoring-That-is-the-question.

More information on HireRight’s post-hire monitoring solutions can be found at https://www.hireright.com/services/monitoring-services.

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