Important Notice: Secret Shopper Scam

Secret Shopper Scam

HireRight has become aware that there is a group of scammers who are fraudulently and without authorization using HireRight’s company name, address and logo in connection with a secret shopper scam.  Based upon HireRight’s investigation, we understand that the scam works as follows:

  • The scammers send unsolicited mail to consumers. 
  • The mail comes in a US Postal Service priority envelope and includes a letter and check. 
  • The letter directs the recipient to deposit the check and afterwards to complete certain transactions (such as purchasing gift cards) with the money from the check. 

An example of what one of the fraudulent letters looks like is shown below. For additional information available from WalMart about this type of scam, please see http://corporate.walmart.com/privacy-security/fraud-alerts/.

The checks that are included with these mailers are counterfeit and, within a few days, will be returned as “no sufficient funds” to the account. This means that anyone who deposits these checks and makes any purchases, will eventually have both the cost of the purchase as well the value of the check deducted from their account. 


HireRight is a background screening company that provides employment screening services directly to businesses.  HireRight does not provide any form of “secret shopper” program or services, nor does HireRight employ any individuals to provide “secret shopper” services on behalf any of our customers.

HireRight is working internally, as well with the appropriate federal law enforcement agencies, to investigate this scam. 


Q. Did HireRight send me a letter and a check?

A. HireRight did not send a letter or a check. 

Q. What should I do with this check?

A. Do not deposit this check!  Contact your local law enforcement agency and report this attempt to defraud you.  You may also contact the United States Postal Inspection Service, via your local post office and ask that they take possession of the envelope, check and letter.

Q. Should I contact HireRight?

A. You should first contact your local law enforcement agency.  However, if you prefer to or would also like to contact HireRight, you may call us at 866-521-6995.


An example of what one of the fraudulent letters looks like is shown: