HireRight Partner: Walton Management Services

Walton Management Services

The HireRight/Walton Partnership

As a way of providing value to our clients, HireRight has formed a strategic alliance with Walton Management Services, Inc. (WMS), a leading national tax credit and incentive consulting firm, whose business is to secure and administer lucrative government incentives for companies nationwide, including Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC). WMS works to improve a company's overall financial performance, while reducing their effective tax rate.

Walton's services encompass a methodology to ensure that HireRight clients not only receive the best on-demand employment background and drug screening solutions, but also secure the maximum tax credits available for all new hires and other eligible business activities.

About Walton Management Services, Inc.

Walton Management Services, Inc. (WMS) has been in The Business of Business Incentives™ for nearly three decades. We net our clients millions of dollars each year by managing their tax incentive portfolios, pooling from federal, state and local funds to which they are entitled to, but often don't apply.

WMS will identify, secure and administer a myriad of tax credits and incentives for companies of all sizes and in all industry sectors, from Fortune 50 corporations to promising new ventures.