Best Practices in Driver Monitoring Webinar

Best Practices in Driver Monitoring Webinar

Driver monitoring is the next frontier in risk and cost reduction for transportation companies of all sizes. 

But flat budgets, rising insurance costs, federal regulations, and an ever increasing litigious society make traditional approaches to driver monitoring inadequate.

During this webinar, you will learn how HireRight’s Driver Monitoring, powered by SambaSafety’s Driver Risk Management solution, combines MVR data with industry leading driver risk management software to provide you with a comprehensive view of your drivers so you can reduce accidents, lower out of service (OOS) orders, and improve CSA scores.

Join us as we review the following topics:

  • What is driver risk management
  • Why employers care
  • What is continuous driver monitoring
  • How does it work
  • Product demo
  • How to get started monitoring your drivers

Guest Speakers:

Chris Stites, Senior Vice President of Sales, SambaSafety
Tom Gillogly, Director of Sales Engineering, SambaSafety

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