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Candidate Experience in the 21st Century: Go Mobile, Think Global

Candidate Experience in the 21st Century: Go Mobile, Think Global

We’ve all read that millennials (22-37 years old) and post-millennials place a significant amount of importance on how well a prospective employer treats them during the hiring experience. How much importance? And how do we best recognize the complexities inherent in hiring international candidates?

This white paper delves into some possibly shocking statistics about how much the candidate experience has changed for the younger segments of the workforce, and what companies can do to align their onboarding process with these trends. 

Some of the figures discussed include:

  • 27.4 million people in the U.S. labor force were born overseas
  • 75% say their smartphone would be useless without apps
  • 50% of millennials (33% of labor force) use 21 apps or more per month
  • 92% of millennials own smartphones and spend nearly four hours a day on them

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Release date: Mar 29 2019

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