DAC Employment History File [Infographic]

DAC Employment History File [Infographic]

Did you know that the DAC Employment History File or DAC Report has helped over 1 million drivers get hired?

As HireRight celebrates the 30th Anniversary of the file, we’d like to thank the 2,500 plus current motor carriers and driving schools across the country who have contributed to its success.

With more than 6 million driver records, the DAC file is the most comprehensive co-op database of its kind in the industry.

Instantaneous access to detailed driver work records and drug/alcohol histories enable companies to quickly make hiring decisions, saving substantial time and the expense of an all-manual background check.

The database provides up to 10 years of experience on a driver and may contain information on companies that are no longer in business.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, take a look at the info graph below for a fun depiction of the file’s impact.

Also, find out how you can become a contributing member and earn credits.

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