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Health & Wellness – The Missing Piece in Driver Retention

Health & Wellness – The Missing Piece in Driver Retention

One of the best kept secrets to lowering driver turnover is to implement a company-wide wellness program. A healthy workforce is likely to be more stable - enabling a reduction in driver turnover at a time when new recruits are hard to come by.

The nature of commercial driving can be a high-risk occupation due to long work hours, inadequate or irregular sleep, sedentary lifestyles and limited nutritional options on the road. Truck drivers on average have more health problems and shorter life spans than people in other careers, including high blood pressure, diabetes mellitus, heart disease, obesity and sleep disorders.

In this webinar, guest speakers Bob Perry, Founder of Health in Transportation and Mary Reynolds, Director of Corporate Wellness Services at Covenant Transport discuss simple steps you can take immediately to improve your drivers' health. 

Topics covered: 

  • Why is driver health so important
  • How to get started with a wellness program
  • Driver engagement process
  • The importance of driver ambassadors
  • Proven ROI

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Release date: Mar 21 2019

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