Marijuana Testing in the Current Employment Environment

Marijuana Testing in the Current Employment Environment

Companies committed to a drug-free workplace face considerable challenges with the rapidly changing laws around medical and recreational marijuana use. Although marijuana is classified as an illegal drug under federal law, a majority of states have now legalized its use in one form or another.

This evolving landscape can be confusing for today's employers, especially those with offices or employees in multiple states. In some states, employers must accommodate an employee's use of medical marijuana and in other states no accommodation is required. 

Employers must balance compliance with often divergent federal and state laws while maintaining a safe work environment and protecting employees' rights.

Join Dr. Todd Simo, HireRight's Chief Medical Officer as he helps navigate these nuanced laws and the impact to your drug testing program. 

Topics covered:

  • Issues imposed by state statute medical marijuana
  • Marijuana and impairment
  • CBD and drug testing

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