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Why Order Healthcare Sanctions and Actions Monitoring? 

Healthcare organizations that participate in Medicare and Medicaid programs must maintain compliance with a vast number of laws and regulations designed to protect patients and to combat fraud. Organizations involved in federal and state funded programs cannot employ any party that appears on specific sanctions lists. 

Sanctions monitoring helps healthcare organizations maintain compliance by identifying, on an ongoing basis, employees who have been sanctioned or excluded from participating in these programs and reduces the risk of associated fines, sanctions and other adverse actions. 
The HireRight Solution: 

  • Daily, ongoing monitoring 
  • Automated and streamlined process 
  • Management Reports to assist in maintaining and managing the program 
  • Three search levels to provide choice 

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Occupational License and Certification Monitoring

Why Order Occupational License and Certification Monitoring?

Monitoring the expiration date of each individual license or certification held by your workers can be complex and time consuming. Establishing a monitoring program that proactively reminds you and your workers of upcoming expiration date or status changes can be instrumental in helping to ensure that your workforce continue to meet the license or certification requirements needed to perform their job functions.

Benefits of Occupational License and Certification Monitoring:

  • Saves time managing license and certifications
  • Advance reminders of license expiration dates
  • Reduces complexity of monitoring different license types 


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Other Healthcare Related Solutions

Why Order Other Healthcare Related Solutions?

Self-Administered Viral Marker Test

HireRight’s U.S.-based COVID-19 screening solution offers simple, self-administered viral marker* tests that can be performed in the safety and security of an employee's home. The test detects the presence of COVID-19 in a saliva sample that is easy to collect and is not "technique dependent".   

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We've Got You Covered For All Your Screening Needs As Well 

HireRight leverages 30 years of background screening experience as a leader in healthcare and many other industries to improve healthcare employment screening beyond what is offered by smaller, boutique vendors. 

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