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Ongoing Monitoring Solutions

An effective screening program doesn’t stop after the applicant is hired. HireRight’s ongoing monitoring suite of solutions provide assurance that those who were safe to hire to begin with, have stayed that way. This suite encompasses:  

  • Criminal and Arrest Record Monitoring  
  • Healthcare Sanctions and Actions Monitoring 
  • Occupational License and Certification Monitoring 

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Extended Workforce Screening Process (EWS)  

As companies are relying more on contract workers and outsourcing, it’s very important to make sure your vendors adhere to the same, rigorous standards that you apply to your own employees. HireRight’s Extended Workforce Screening (EWS) solution ensures vendor adherence to established background screening policies and guidelines. This solution enables you to invite your vendors to register with HireRight and be screened using your predetermined screening packages for permanent hires.

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Did You Know?

According to our findings in the 2020 Benchmark Report, almost half of businesses (48%) globally screen their temporary/contingent workers, but almost one in three don’t screen any non-employee workers.

Our 2020 Benchmark Report uncovers insights into global background screening trends, regional compliance, and the future of screening technology. 

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Compliance Workbench

Stay current with dynamically changing Ban the Box legislation. Compliance Workbench helps determine how best to fulfill related legal obligations in an efficient manner. 

HireRight Compliance Workbench Benefits:

  • Assists in meeting jurisdictional requirements within the screening process
  • Helps maintain compliance activities in one auditable system
  • Enhances the candidate experience by delivering specific documents and assessment questionnaires electronically
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We've Got You Covered For All Your Screening Needs As Well 

HireRight offers flexible, tailored employment screening solutions, encompassing more than 150 different service offerings in more than 200 countries and territories: 

Criminal Background Checks  |  Verifications  |  Drug & Health Screening 

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