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2019 Healthcare Spotlight Report

2019 Healthcare Spotlight Report

The demand for healthcare services continues to grow. And HireRight has produced its 2019 Healthcare Spotlight Report to offer valuable insights on this industry’s trends and best practices in hiring, screening, and employment. This Spotlight Report also examines current trends in pre-employment background checks and ongoing screening of employees, the ways employers are adapting to the increasingly competitive labor market, the mounting challenges in modernizing HR processes, and the increasing complexity of the legal and regulatory landscape.
Among our findings: 

  • In this era of historically low unemployment in the U.S., coupled with accelerated growth in the demand for healthcare services, organizations are having to compete more aggressively than ever to hire qualified job candidates.
  • Candidates requiring competitive organizations to tailor their recruitment efforts, websites, and employment forms to be not only web-friendly but mobile-friendly as well.
  • Responsible for the well-being of a vulnerable population, healthcare organizations are subject to more stringent regulations than most industries, requiring a wide range of checks to be performed on candidates and employees.


Read more in HireRight’s 2019 Healthcare Spotlight Report, available free.

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