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2019 Global Enterprise Spotlight Report

2019 Global Enterprise Spotlight Report

HireRight conducted its 12th annual HireRight Employment Screening Benchmark Survey to explore key issues, trends, and
underlying business drivers affecting talent acquisition, employee retention, and background check programs for organizations
around the world. The results uncovered fascinating similarities and differences between Enterprise-size organizations in Asia Pacific
(APAC), Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and the United States (U.S.). We’ve compiled the most noteworthy of these and
are pleased to share with you our 2019 Global Enterprise Spotlight Report.

Key report highlights:

Low unemployment
Unemployment is low in all three regions, placing candidates in the driver’s seat and putting significant pressure on organizations to work
quickly – while maintaining safe practices – to recruit, screen and hire job
applicants before their competitors do.

Background checks
While organizations worldwide value the numerous benefits derived from conducting thorough background checks, the types of checks required varies widely across the regions.

Screening benefits
The vast majority of organizations globally reported that conducting background checks uncovered discrepancies in a variety of areas, including criminal history, previous employment, and education.

Employment rescreening
Periodically rescreening employees remains a neglected practice in all three regions. Because elements of an employee’s behavior or credentials can change after their hire, conducting follow-up screens can uncover
potentially troublesome issues after the candidate becomes an employee.

Candidate experience
With the exception of keeping candidates updated on the hiring process via email, organizations in all regions place light emphasis on the candidate experience. As today’s job seekers place considerable emphasis on how quick, easy, mobile-friendly, and communicative the employer makes the recruitment process, additional emphasis may pay
substantial dividends.

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