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Back to the Future of Work: Trends from the 2021 HireRight Benchmark Report

Back to the Future of Work: Trends from the 2021 HireRight Benchmark Report

The war for talent is fierce, with many businesses struggling to get new workers into their organizations. Many employers changed their perspectives on where their talent needs to be, some sectors have boomed while others struggled or failed.

But what will the longer-term impact be? Join HireRight's Chief Human Resources Officer Chelsea Pyrzenski, Chief Revenue Officer Scott Collins, and Associate General Counsel, Compliance Alonzo Martinez to review results of the HireRight 2021 Global Benchmark Report, learn more about the extent of change from people, company, and compliance perspectives, and what this means for the workforce going forward.

In this session, we will cover four key areas: 

  • A summary of the content from the report, with key takeaways for a North American audience.
  • What impact HireRight has seen from its customers, and their screening requirements, during the pandemic? 
  • What compliance updates took place during the pandemic and because of the pandemic? 
  • How HireRight has adapted its own HR function during the pandemic.

This webinar was first aired as part of HR.com’s “The Future of Talent Acquisition” conference earlier in 2021.

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