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Employer’s Guide for Hair Drug Testing

Employer’s Guide for Hair Drug Testing

Why should organizations conduct hair testing? The answer is simple—hair testing helps detect more illicit drug users, reduces illegal drug use among current employees, and deters drug users from applying with companies who use hair testing. The actual cost of testing is minimal compared to the cost of employing an illegal drug user.

In this guide, learn the essentials of hair drug testing: how it works, when to use it, associated benefits and how HireRight can help you add hair testing to your current program.

Topics Covered:

  • What is Hair Drug Testing?
  • Drugs That Hair Testing Can Screen For
  • Advantages of Hair Testing
  • When to Use Hair Testing
  • The Science of Hair Testing
  • Hair Testing Costs
  • Hair Testing Laboratories
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Testing
  • Is Hair Testing Right for Your Company?
  • How HireRight Can Help

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