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How to Develop a Driver Brand to Recruit and Retain Drivers

How to Develop a Driver Brand to Recruit and Retain Drivers

The average age of drivers is steadily increasing and it’s important to have a solid game plan to attract the next generation of drivers into your company. 

Watch this recorded webinar session to learn how to adjust your processes to recruit and retain drivers. Special guest speakers from AvatarFleet, Melton Truck Lines and Jetco Delivery share real world examples that have increased their recruiting pipeline and decreased turnover. The processes shared will be relevant if you need to increase your driver count by 5 or 500 next month.                                             

Topics covered include:

  • Understanding the generational differences in the workforce
  • Three step process to create a brand statement
  • Turning your brand statement into a compelling ad
  • How and where to find Millennials
  • Eight key pillars to retain driver

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