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How to Review a Resume in 30 Seconds [Infographic]

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Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) do a fantastic job to help ensure a candidate’s resume meets your criteria for a job opening.

However, to make the hiring system work best, your human touch is vital.

It can definitely be challenging... with today’s robust talent pool, resumes for open positions can coming flooding in, and you may not have time to read every single one thoroughly.

For instance, 2 million people per year apply for jobs at Google. 

In a single year, Starbucks receives up to 7.6 million applications for 65,000 corporate jobs.

Beyond the applicant's qualifications for the job, many elements in a resume may be indications as to how well a candidate will perform as your employee.

In other words, reading between the lines could possibly tell you quite a lot.

Download this infographic for tips from industry professionals on finding qualified candidates quickly and confidently!

  • Is the layout neat and well-organized?
  • Do job titles indicate growth?
  • Does the job history show a focused career path?

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