Managing the Complexity of Screening a Global Workforce

Managing the Complexity of Screening a Global Workforce

In an increasingly global marketplace and amid a shortage of talent, organizations are recruiting more applicants who may have lived, studied, or worked abroad.

However, according to HireRight's 2014 Annual Employment Screening Benchmark Report, less than 15% of organizations performed background screening on individuals with multi-national residence, education, and/or employment history.

Why are organizations potentially exposing themselves to significant risk?

John Tomaszewski, Senior Counsel at Seyfarth Shaw and Dan Shoemaker, Vice President and GM of International Business at HireRight, provides insight into the complicated world of national restrictions and compliance requirements and how to simplify and streamline to help mitigate risk.

The topics covered will include:

  • The importance of global screening;
  • An overview of international regulations;
  • Compliance requirements and restrictions;
  • And global screening best practices.

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