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No Detours: Why Background Check Shortcuts Can Backfire

No Detours: Why Background Check Shortcuts Can Backfire

In this competitive hiring market, the road to making an offer can be a long journey, which explains why managers may sometimes be too eager to follow the shortest route on the map. If they’re quick to make an offer and bring the candidate on board, they’ll land their top choice of talent. 

Organizations that have been down the short road have learned the hard way that hiring the wrong person has serious consequences such as reputational harm, a loss of customer faith and stock prices that spiraled into freefall.

Employers are already desperate to fill open positions. With fewer candidates looking for jobs, organizations are climbing into the car with passengers they don’t usually ride with – applicants who often require more thorough investigation. The result? It’s taking more time to recruit and hire, and some companies are trying to take short cuts when  it comes to screening.

Learn why it is important to perform education verifications, criminal records searches, drug testing and get five safe routes to follow for your screening process.

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