Protect Your Organization from Leadership Risk [eBook]

Protect Your Organization from Leadership Risk [eBook]

Executives who maintain leadership positions must have the passion and creativity to be inspirational and the experience to make exceptional decisions.

He or she must also be beyond reproach. Even the slightest inappropriate comment may be seized upon by citizen journalists who can use social media to spread the news around the world in moments.

Yet, based on a survey conducted by HireRight, many organizations do not properly screen their C-level personnel. And if information is revealed that, for example, the CEO did not attend the university he or she claims to have graduated from, the results may critically damage the organization and its brand with the click of a mouse. 

With reputation becoming an increasingly significant economic force and necessary differentiator to attract customers and clients, HireRight spoke to 140 HR leaders to investigate whether they are aware of the risks of failing to carry out appropriate leadership (vetting or screening).

Almost all the HR professionals surveyed indicated that they are confident that their processes for checking their leaders are adequate, yet:

  • In 37 percent of organizations, graduates undergo more checks and tests than the CEO.
  • 54 percent of companies fail to carry out basic background checks before hiring new members to their Board of Directors
  • Only 34 percent of companies always use a third party to verify the professional background of new CEOs

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