The Importance of the Applicant Experience in Talent Acquisition

The Importance of the Applicant Experience in Talent Acquisition

After six months, you are almost to the finish line.

Since posting a crucial job opening, you have sifted through hundreds of resumes, rejecting almost all of them because they do not meet the specific experience requirements.

Following an intense interview process which included more than a dozen applicants, you and the hiring manager at last agree on the right person for the position, who is currently employed.

You are ready to make a contingent offer of employment and suddenly a concern crosses your mind.

Your organization has had recent applicant feedback about frustration with the background screening process.

Complaints include confusion due to poor communication, difficulty accessing the screening provider’s systems, and even getting help from the screening provider’s service representatives, who don’t seem to understand applicants’ unique needs.

Will this important applicant experience the same issues, decide that this initial impression of your organization is a red flag, and walk away?

Or even share the negative experience with others via social media, in effect becoming a detractor of your organization’s brand?

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