Tips to Help Avoid a Court Date with the EEOC

Tips to Help Avoid a Court Date with the EEOC

At a recent webinar, Pam Devata and Paul Kehoe, attorneys at Seyfarth Shaw, shared some common reasons employers are being dragged into court by the EEOC and how to avoid a potential lawsuit. 

Pam was one of the defense attorneys in the EEOC v. Kaplan Higher Education Corporation case and Paul was an attorney advisor to the Commissioner at the EEOC.

From this information, we created a Practical Tips Guide to help mitigate risk.

This quick guide addresses:

  • Overview of EEOC guidance
  • A definition of Bright Line Rules and what to avoid
  • FAQs and factors to consider on criminal background checks
  • Ban the Box legislation, including FAQs

Straight from the court room, you won't want to miss this valuable information!

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