Transportation Regulatory Update with ATA

Transportation Regulatory Update with ATA

Find out the latest regulatory changes being discussed in Washington D.C. that have a huge impact on the trucking industry.

Topics covered include:

  • What’s next in the continually evolving CSA program, status of the CSA-driven Safety Fitness rulemaking,
  • Next steps for the electronic logging mandate, update on the new medical examiner certification and registry,
  • Is there any hours-of-service relief in sight, progress on the drug and alcohol clearinghouse,
  • What’s new regarding sleep apnea testing,
  • Planned implementation for electronic chain-of-custody form,
  • Hair testing,
  • And other near term regulatory topics.

Presented by:
P. Sean Garney, Manager Safety Policy, American Trucking Associations
Darrin Roth, Director of Highway Operations, American Trucking Associations
Glen P. Kedzie, Vice President, Energy & Environmental Counsel, American Trucking Associations

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