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UNDER ATTACK - Understanding Your Exposure to Nuclear Verdicts

UNDER ATTACK - Understanding Your Exposure to Nuclear Verdicts

Did you know that jury awards exceeding $10 million are on the rise in the trucking industry? 

These verdicts impact skyrocketing insurance premiums and can even lead to bankruptcy for some motor carriers.

Analyzing your driver data can identify deficiencies in your safety program, and help you avoid ruinous liability at trial. 

Steven Bryan, CEO/Co-Founder of Bluewire LLC, discusses proactive steps you can take to help minimize exposure points within your organization and reclaim your safety narrative.

Topics Covered:

  • Improve your company's safety program.
  • Strategically defend your company reputation and protect against runaway verdicts.
  • Recognize your investment and commitment to safety while receiving tangible credit for beyond compliance. 
  • Defend against misleading reputational attacks at trial by identifying vulnerabilities, receiving recommendations, and reducing your exposure to baseless plaintiff attacks.
  • Proactively develop a comprehensive company story to protect your reputation against false narratives. 

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