Using Credit Reports to Screen Employees

Using Credit Reports to Screen Employees

As part of an ongoing effort to assist our customers in monitoring legislation, HireRight is pleased to present this summary of state and local laws that specifically restrict the use of credit reports for employment purposes. This publication is designed to provide a quick outline of the laws that states and local jurisdictions have enacted. This publication does not provide a summary of state consumer or credit reporting laws of more general applicability, nor is it intended to be a complete summary of any and all laws in all 50 states and local jurisdictions. HireRight will continue to monitor the status of legislation addressing the use of credit reports for employment purposes and provide periodic updates.

Customers are reminded that in the states and local jurisdictions, as noted below, which require specific notice be provided to an applicant/employee when credit report or credit history information is obtained for employment purposes, standard disclosure and authorization form language (such as the language in the sample Consumer Disclosure and Authorization Form made available by HireRight) may not satisfy the
specific notice requirements. When applicable, customers should ensure that such notices are provided in addition to the standard disclosure/authorization.

Additionally, employers should note that any adverse action notice obligations imposed under these state laws are in addition to the employer’s pre-adverse and adverse notice requirements under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

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