Applicant Center Mobile

Mobile Access to Screening Requests and Status

HireRight Applicant Center Mobile is the mobile version of our popular Applicant Center, a personalized online portal that provides candidates with greater transparency into the background screening process.

Using a smartphone or tablet, job candidates can track the status of their employment background check, receive requests for information and provide additional documentation while on-the-go.

HireRight Applicant Center Mobile is optimized for viewing and navigation on smartphones providing an outstanding user experience.

The service is provided free of charge to organizations using HireRight Enterprise, HireRight Professional and HireRight DAC Edition screening solutions.

HireRight Applicant Center Mobile Benefits

HireRight Applicant Center Mobile improves the background screening process for both the candidate and the employer.

It provides candidates with a convenient experience, enabling them to supply information, view the status of their background check, and access live help through their mobile device. HireRight Applicant Center Mobile helps employers to:

  • Expedite the employment screening process – Mobile access to a secure, online portal provides a streamlined way to keep the applicant apprised of the background screening process, a convenient means for the applicant to provide needed documentation, and a consolidated view of all communications, making the process more efficient and improving the turn-around-time on verifications.
  • Reduce unnecessary communications – Emails, text alerts, real-time status reports, document receipts, and a record of communications increases candidate verification progress visibility. Tailored support material such as FAQs and live chat further reduces unnecessary communications.
  • Provide a unique experience for applicants on-the-go – HireRight Applicant Center Mobile provides job applicants with a personalized and intuitive screening experience, enabling them to supply information, check status, and access live help through their smartphones or tablets.

Key Features

  • Text alerts of actions required
  • Real-time status updates
  • Ability to take and upload pictures of requested documents
  • Document receipt confirmations
  • Record of communications
  • Instant access to live chat and phone support

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