Occupational License and Certification Monitoring

Why Order Occupational License and Certification Monitoring?

Monitoring the expiration date of each individual license or certification held by your workers can be complex and time consuming. Establishing a monitoring program that proactively reminds you and your workers of upcoming expiration date or status changes can be instrumental in helping to ensure that your workforce continue to meet the license or certification requirements needed to perform their job functions.

The HireRight Solution provides:

  • Monitoring of license and certification expiration dates
  • Advanced Expiration Date Reminders
  • License and Certification Status Checks
  • Alert Notifications of verified license and certification status changes

HireRight’s Occupational License and Certification Monitoring is an easy to maintain, roster-based solution that tracks license and certification expiration dates that you choose to monitor.

When you initially choose to monitor expiration dates for individuals in your workforce, we will first verify each license or certification at primary source in order to establish and track the expiration date. Once verified, at regular intervals before the expiration date, you and the license or certification holder will receive a reminder notification notice of the upcoming expiration date. In addition, we will check for license status changes at intervals near the expiration date. If there is a verified status change, you will receive a status change alert.

With HireRight’s Occupational License Certification Monitoring product, you will have peace of mind knowing the license or certifications expiration dates you need to monitor, are being monitored and verified at primary source.

HireRight Occupational License and Certification Monitoring

For companies and organizations, especially those with a workforce that has multiple licenses and certifications that need to be monitored. HireRight Ongoing License and Certification Monitoring offers these key benefits:

  •  Advance Expiration Date Reminders – Once expiration dates are verified at source, email reminders of upcoming license and certification expiration dates.
  • License and Certification Status Checks – Status checks at source, for any changes to license, particularly renewed or expired status.
  • Management Reports – review and manage multiple licenses in one report.

Key Features

  • Saves time managing license and certifications
  • Reduces complexity of monitoring different license types
  • Advance reminders of license expiration dates

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