Federal Bankruptcy Search

Identify Bankruptcies Across All U.S. Federal Courts

HireRight's Federal Bankruptcy Search helps identify personal bankruptcies associated with a job candidate.

There are 94 judicial districts for bankruptcies in the U.S., and all bankruptcy filings are adjudicated in these courts.

This search is a comprehensive search across all federal districts and returns records for Chapter 7 and Chapter 11 bankruptcies.

HireRight Federal Bankruptcy Search Benefits

The HireRight Federal Bankruptcy Search can help provide peace-of-mind to organizations hiring high-profile positions, positions with access to funding and positions with access to sensitive-information. In addition, the search:

  • Is a single, comprehensive search across all bankruptcy courts in the U.S.
  • Helps protect against negligent hiring
  • Helps identify candidates who may be risky hires due to the nature of the jobs they are applying for

Key Features

  • Full name
  • File date
  • Adjudication date
  • Status and status date
  • Filing type

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