Professional License Check

Verifies a Candidate’s Professional License

HireRight’s Professional License Check verifies processional licenses disclosed by the candidate. By contacting the issuing agency, licensing board or institution, HireRight will confirm the license type, status, certificate or designation number, date of issuance/expiration, and any disciplinary actions.

Professional License Checks may be included in an employer’s screening package or ordered individually, on an as needed basis.

HireRight Professional License Check Benefits

Validation of professional licenses is a critical and necessary check when hiring for a position that requires a license. Without checking to see if the candidate’s license is valid could leave your organization open for negligent hiring claims.

Many companies only check professional licenses through databases and if the institution that issued the license is not up-to-date, then your report can come back with invalid information. HireRight makes sure the reports you need are the most current by verifying the information provided by the candidate directly with the issuing institution. 

  • Facilitates informed hiring decisions
  • Helps ensure that the candidate has a valid license and is in good standing
  • Speeds time to hire and reduces administrative time
  • Provides complete license information
  • Verifies a wide variety of licenses and certifications, applicable to healthcare, technology, safety, energy, security and other regulated industries

Key Features

  • Identifies the institution’s contact information with the Council on Licensure, Enforcement and Regulation (CLEAR)
  • Additional searches or candidate follow-up is conducted if unable to locate license information in CLEAR
  • Direct contact is made with institution to verify license information

  • Report includes license dates, status, expiration date and disciplinary action, if applicable

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