Physical Examination and Capability Testing Services

Measures an Applicant's Ability to Effectively Perform Job Duties

Pre-employment physical examinations are conducted to determine if an applicant is both medically and physically capable of performing specific job functions. Exams are designed to enhance workplace safety and to minimize the risks of work-site related accidents.

Fitness-for-duty assessments may include: lift and carry tests, crawl tests, stair climbing tests, agility testing, standing tolerance, strength/muscle testing, flexibility, stamina and balance. Employers can easily schedule exams from a nationwide network of clinics and monitor and review results electronically on HireRight’s platform.

HireRight Physical Examination and Capability Testing Services

While it is impossible to totally eliminate the dangers and accidents that may occur in the workplace, pre-employment physical exams have been shown to lessen the risk of work-related injuries. For those applicants with some physical issues, employers are in a better position to make proper accommodations. 

  • Ability to match physical demands of job with appropriate personnel
  • Potential for injury and lost work time are reduced
  • Helps decrease medical and indemnity costs
  • Job performance and satisfaction maximized
  • Informed decision making with the ability to provide reasonable accommodations where necessary

Key Features

  • Exams performed by knowledgeable medical professionals
  • Integrated with background and drug screening services
  • Consolidated billing for physical exams
  • ADA/EEOC compliant reporting
  • Electronic imaging and record-keeping

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