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Statewide Criminal Search

Criminal Checks of State Law Enforcement Agency Repositories

Statewide searches can be used to cast a wider net in states where a person has resided, and meet requirements for certain positions where background checks are required by state regulations.

The HireRight Statewide Criminal Search background checks candidates by the applicable state to help ensure employee safety, meet compliance requirements, reduce employee crime and preserve the organization’s brand.

HireRight Statewide Criminal Search Benefits

The HireRight Statewide Criminal Search performs criminal background checks of state law enforcement agency repositories in the United States, which typically contain misdemeanors, felonies and traffic offenses, committed by an individual. The search helps employers:

  • Help ensure employee safety – Prescreen candidates who could put staff or customers in danger if hired.
  • Maintain compliance with state regulations – Most states require criminal background checks to qualify an individual to work in specific positions.
  • Reduce the risk of hiring an ineligible employee – Help identify candidates who may be more likely to commit a crime that could lead to a negligent hiring lawsuit.

Key Features

  • Name of the individual
  • Case number
  • Court name
  • Count
  • Severity
  • Disposition
  • Sentence
  • Available dates: Offense, Disposition, Parole, Release

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