Passport Verification

Validate the Information on an Candidate's Passport

HireRight Passport Verification helps organizations confirm an candidate's identity by validating the information that appears on their passport. 

It also checks the format of the passport against a global reference database, which contains detailed descriptions and high-resolution images of official documents from 200 countries and territories. HireRight Passport Verification should typically be used as a complement to an organization's existing identity verification procedures.

HireRight Passport Verification Benefits

To achieve quality results and fast turnaround times, HireRight Passport Verification checks a candidate's passport and compares the data with information found in the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) code using one of the best global databases in the industry. The HireRight Passport Verification service benefits organizations by providing:

  • Simple, effective validation of data that appears on the passport – The source of the data review is the MRZ code, a standard used by the industry to help confirm the accuracy of passport information.
  • Fast turnaround time – On average, results are returned in 4-6 days, enabling quick hiring decisions.
  • High quality results – The database is updated daily with information from official sources such as international government agencies, embassies and consulates.

Key Features

  • Checks using MRZ code
  • Accesses database updated daily
  • Provides 'verified' or 'non-verified' status

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