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Current Employer Verification

Verifies Current Employment Without Contacting the Employer

Hireright Current Employer Verification service verifies a candidate's current job while protecting their privacy.

Since many candidates are employed when they begin seeking a new position, a common request is that their current employer not be contacted. However, a candidate's most recent employment experience is often most relevant to the position they are applying for.

The HireRight service checks candidate-provided documentation like W-2 forms, paychecks and other verifiable proof of employment.

HireRight Current Employer Verification Benefits

Through HireRight’s Current Employer Verification service, companies can gain the verification information they need to make a hiring decision, without jeopardizing a candidate's privacy as it pertains to their current employer. Leveraging both employment registration hotlines and candidate-provided documentation, HireRight can confirm current employment, without contacting the current employer directly.

Benefits of HireRight’s Current Employer Verification service include:

  • Protects a candidate's privacy with their current employer.
  • Allows employers to verify a candidate's current employment in order to identify candidates who may lie.
  • Provides greater visibility into a candidate's job history.

Key Features

  • Checks employment records databases
  • Verifies candidate-provided documents
  • Quick turn-around time

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