Comprehensive Turnkey Alcohol Testing Program

HireRight offers a variety of alcohol testing options for non-DOT alcohol testing programs. Our provider network encompasses more than 20,000 national collection sites and offers advanced provider site matching capabilities by location, service and cost.

Key Benefits
  • Rapid, reliable test results
  • Breath, saliva or blood alcohol testing options
  • Supports workplace program obligations

Levels of Service

The test is performed by a trained technician at a collection site with results available in 10 – 15 minutes. If a confirmation test is required the technician will perform the confirmation test using the same device. 

Commonly used when testing is done on-site at the employer’s location. The saliva alcohol test device may only be used for screening. If the screening level is at or above cut-off levels, additional confirmation testing should be completed at a collection facility using an EBT (Evidential Breath Test Device).

Unlike breath and saliva, blood alcohol testing is a lab-based test. The sample is collected at a medical clinic, packaged and sent to a certified laboratory for testing. HireRight provides the employer with the final alcohol test report.

HireRight Alcohol Testing

HireRight's extensive collection site network, in-house MRO services, and advanced ordering and reporting solutions mean better control over quality, service and cost. And because alcohol testing is fully integrated with background screening services through a single interface, employers save time with a comprehensive solution.

  • One platform to run all drug and health screening metrics and management reports
  • Single invoice for all drug and health screening services
  • Online drug and alcohol misuse Supervisor Training courses and educational materials for employees
  • Testing helps reduce costs associated with accidents, turnover, theft, violence, and litigation
  • 24/365 emergency and post-accident service and assistance

Key Features

  • Online access to the alcohol test report
  • Quick turnaround time on breath and alcohol results
  • Knowledgeable customer service staff
  • Integrated platform for drug and health services and background screening products

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