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Commercial Driver’s License Information System Plus (CDLIS+)

The FMCSA requires a three-year driving history on all driver applicants, which means that an employer must obtain and review a record from every state in which a driver has held a license during the past three years. Yet, some drivers choose not to disclose one or more of the states where they’ve been licensed in order to hide bad records.

The exclusive HireRight CDLIS+ helps employers prevent oversight by searching not only the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) mandated CDLIS database, but also our proprietary Multiple License Pointer File (MLPF) which contains information from previous HireRight MVR searches. The MLPF continually grows as a result of about one million driving record searches each month and complies with DOT, FMCSA and FCRA requirements. CDLIS+ reports any additional licenses found that did not show up in the CDLIS search, and identifies drivers who do not hold a commercial driver’s license.

Key features:
  • Prevents oversight by verifying a driver’s current license
  • Identifies additional states where MVRs should be requested
  • Searches multiple sources of public and proprietary information
  • Reports driver’s license history and uncovers omitted records

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