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National Theft Database

The origin of the HireRight National Theft Database dates back to 1918, when a group of retailers began sharing information on internal theft in an effort to prevent other retailers from hiring known thieves. Since less than half of internal incidents are now referred for prosecution, the National Theft Database remains a unique source of retail theft information.

The National Theft Database contains more than 500,000 records of shoplifting and employee theft incidents submitted by 500 member companies. Because the disposition of an incident can change over time, HireRight takes the added step of re-verifying the data when an incident of theft or fraud is detected. Re-verification of incidents keeps the data fresh and protects hiring managers from making decisions based on past incidents that were later resolved.

Key features:
  • Contains information that may not be found in public records
  • Provides access to reported incidents of shoplifting and employee theft
  • Re-verifies the data when an incident of theft or fraud is detected
  • Gives employers a legally sound basis on which to make hiring decisions

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