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Does Your Background Check Provider Comply With 3 Key Provisions of the FCRA?

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The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) is a United States federal law that protects the accuracy and privacy of the information found in consumer reports, such as credit reports and criminal histories. As an employer, you may obtain consumer reports for employment purposes through a third-party background check provider. The background check provider (known as […]


5 Ways Background Screening Providers Help Small Businesses

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As an increasing number of small businesses implement employment background screening, there are several important factors to consider when determining whether to conduct background checks in-house or to utilize an on-demand provider. Determining who conducts your background checks can be a critical factor in the effectiveness of your program. While there may seem to be […]

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6 Reasons Companies Made Bad Hires in 2012

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A recent study by CareerBuilder reveals how frequently companies choose the wrong candidate when filling job openings and how costly it can be. According to an online survey of 2,494 hiring managers and human resources professionals, 69 percent of their companies experienced costly bad hires in 2012. Just one bad hire can be highly detrimental […]

Are Those References Real? Surprising Findings Revealed in CareerBuilder Study

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Recent research by CareerBuilder reveals several important reasons why employers should conduct reference checks. Employers that conduct reference checks are able to obtain information beyond what can be found on resumes or during interviews and can provide insight into an applicant’s work ethic and abilities. However, some employers may overlook references or fail to properly […]

Even Administrative Agencies Make Mistakes: Corrected Model FCRA Forms Now Available To Employers Who Conduct Background Checks

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By Philip Gordon and Calder Huntington The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (“CFPB”) — best known as a financial services regulator and for the Senate’s rejection of the nominee to be its first chief (who, in an ironic twist, won a Senate seat in the 2012 elections) — also exercises some regulatory authority with an impact […]