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Tips for Identifying the Ideal College Recruit

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, almost half of the current working population over the age of 25 will be of retirement age within the next two decades. In many cases, this rapidly aging workforce has made it mandatory for businesses to adapt their recruiting techniques to focus more heavily on college graduates. Running […]


Developing a Privacy Program for Background Screening

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With the mosaic of overlapping federal and state regulations covering background screening and consumer information, maintaining compliance has become a significant challenge. The growing concerns about data privacy and security, new legislation and the continuing surge in compliance initiatives show no signs of abating. Recent legislation has made it even more important for organizations to […]


Helping Small Business Meet Big Business Requirements

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Meeting the very real demand for contract workers at military and government installations across the U.S. has been the portfolio of DeLeon Technical Services, Inc. (DTS) of Austin, Texas since the company’s founding in 1991. The company has experienced notable success having secured 27 different contracts on more than 19 government installations – no small […]

Insufficient Background Checks and Controls Yield Fraud for Many SMBs

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Many small business owners unknowingly expose their company to a higher risk of employee fraud and theft than large organizations by ignoring common security measures. A recent article by the Wall Street Journal reveals the significant risk that small businesses face when failing to implement security measures such as thorough background checks, auditing, and workplace […]


Adverse Selection: Are You Hiring Criminals?

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Is it important to you that someone by the name of Scott Baker was arrested? It may be of concern if he were your employee. Baker, a nursing assistant employee of a home healthcare firm, attempted to burglarize the residence he was assigned to and stabbed the patient's wife, killing her. His employer was found […]