Security of Patient Data Survey Reveals Due Diligence is Spotty for Third Party Vendors

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by Brian Lapidus, Senior VP of Strategic Partnerships, Kroll Advisory Solutions Just weeks after the launch of the 2012 HIMSS Analytics Report: Security of Patient Data, the third installment of a survey Kroll Advisory Solutions conducts bi-annually of healthcare provider facilities in the United States, I remain amazed at the data that we learned from […]

[Infographic] Who is the Contingent Workforce?

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Chances are, if you do not employ a contingent worker at your organization, you may soon. According to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the number of temporary workers in the workforce has increased by 29 percent since September 2009. During that same period, private jobs grew by less than one percent. […]

Background screening best practices

7 Actionable Background Screening Best Practices

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Whether you are developing a new background screening program or need to review an existing one, employers can take immediate steps to help ensure an effective screening program with these seven best practices. 1. Get Buy-In To gain support for background screening internally, educate key decision makers and stakeholders about the benefits of screening such […]

9 Auditing Musts to Help Background Screening Programs Comply with the Updated EEOC Guidance

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While criminal background checks remain an important part of the employment screening process, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has updated its guidance on how employers should use criminal records in employment decisions. As a result, employers should review their current background screening programs to ensure alignment with the new guidelines. Employers that fail to […]

5 Best Practices for Global Workforce Background Screening

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As the workforce of many organizations becomes more globalized, new challenges are created in maintaining an effective and compliant employment background screening program. Organizations that expand their operations overseas, or utilize workers who have lived, studied, or worked in a foreign country, must ensure that they adapt their background screening policies to address this global […]

Facebook social media pre-employment screening

Asking for Facebook Passwords could be Asking for Trouble

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Employers that recently began requiring login credentials for a job candidate’s social media profile has created a firestorm around privacy concerns and the use of social media for pre-employment screening. While these cases bring the use of social media for background screening under the spotlight, studies indicate that a vast majority of organizations do not […]