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Stop Making Excuses: Global Screening Is Just Too Important to Neglect

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Despite continued strong unemployment numbers, employers continue to report struggling with talent acquisition. As a result, many are turning to non-traditional sources of talent, like recruiting from abroad. HireRight’s 2013 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report, in fact, reveals that 55 percent of employers are actively recruiting candidates with foreign backgrounds. This new talent pool, however, has […]


5 Ways Background Screening Providers Help Small Businesses

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As an increasing number of small businesses implement employment background screening, there are several important factors to consider when determining whether to conduct background checks in-house or to utilize an on-demand provider. Determining who conducts your background checks can be a critical factor in the effectiveness of your program. While there may seem to be […]

5 Traits of Effective Employee Background Screening Programs

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An effective background screening program provides many benefits for employers including maintaining compliance, improving the quality of hire and mitigating liability risks. However, many employers may unknowingly be missing these advantages by not focusing on some of the critical characteristics of a successful background screening program. By understanding the key traits of other successful background […]

3 Best Practices in Employee Background Screening for Franchises

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As a small business owner who has invested in a franchise, could your operation survive a multimillion-dollar negligent hiring verdict? Negligent hiring lawsuits seek to impose liability on an employer when a worker causes harm to a third party, such as a customer, colleague or the general public. If the employer should have “reasonably known” […]

Don’t Volunteer for Trouble: Background Check Your Volunteers

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Most businesses conduct background screening on their employees to mitigate negligent hiring risks, meet regulatory compliance and to improve the overall quality of hire. This is especially true for those organizations assisting the youth, elderly, disabled and other vulnerable populations. However, many non-profit organizations fail to background check their volunteers. Like employees, volunteers may have […]