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Can an FCRA Amendment Protect You in a Background Check Lawsuit?

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In recent years, there’s been a significant evolution in the regulatory and legal environment of employment background checks. One of these changes is that employers are seeing more lawsuits being filed against them, alleging violations of applicant and employee rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Some of these accusations include inadequate authorization and disclosure […]


What Are Your Obligations Under the FCRA?

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Ordering a background check for a potential employee seems like a fairly straightforward exercise: get the applicant’s information, send it to the background screening company, and receive a detailed background report that lets you know whether the applicant is clear to hire. In reality, procuring a background check on a prospective employee is decidedly more […]


4 Best Practices for Thorough Criminal and Public Record Checks

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Background checks would be simpler if one all-encompassing database housed every piece of relevant information an employer needs to make an informed hiring decision. But, unfortunately, that resource does not exist. Nor is there a standardized checklist an organization can follow to ensure its searches return all the information necessary to fully evaluate a given […]

4 Phases of a Best Practices Background Screening Implementation

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When you adopt a new employee screening program into your organization, its success begins with the proper implementation. By moving through each stage—planning, implementation, training and post-launch support—and achieving respective milestones, the background screening program will have strong roots.   Implementation Phases Phase I: Project Planning and Consultation The planning phase in the implementation of […]

3 Health Care Employee Screening Gaps Revealed in New Study

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Employment background screening is invaluable to health care organizations in several ways. In the HireRight 2013 Spotlight, a majority of respondents (56%) believed that background screening improves the quality of hire. Choosing an individual who is highly qualified and eligible to work in the health care industry will generally improve both the services delivered and […]