A Brief Course in Education Verifications

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It’s best to verify all elements of a resume and job application – including those of newly-hired C-level executives.

Since many candidates have assumed that a prospective employer may not bother verifying his or her educational background, he or she may exaggerate or provide fabrications in this area.

Demonstrating due diligence by directing a background check company to thoroughly validate job candidates’ education references will keep an employer at the head of the class.

Background checks at schools

State May Move to Bar Employment of Felons in Schools and Prisons

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A new bill that was recently introduced and is currently being considered by the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Education (AB 122) may resonate with employers nationwide who are wrestling with issues of hiring or continuing to employ those with conviction records. HireRightHireRight is a leading provider of on-demand employment background checks, drug and health screening, […]