Background Checks and the International Workforce

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Today, businesses are becoming international enterprises far earlier in their life-cycle than ever before.

Perhaps it’s because it’s now easier and faster to travel overseas and, thanks to technology, easier to collaborate with staff, vendors, consultants, and others around the world (potentially eliminating the need for travel altogether).

An employee no longer has to physically be located in a company’s main office to be productive. And recruiting now recognizes that talent may reside across national boundaries.

Finding talent in another country may now be requisite, but it also demands extending background screening to best ensure the hiring not only of top tier talent, but to help to reduce risk and safeguard security as well.


Are You Adequately Addressing the Potential Risks of Hiring a More Global Workforce?

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To address the very commonly reported “talent gap”, many employers are looking outside their country’s borders to source talent with sought-after skills and experience. In fact, according to HireRight’s 2013 Employment Screening Benchmarking Report, more than half of employers are actively recruiting people who have lived, worked, or studied in another country. These employers are […]

3 Reasons Why All Employers Should Conduct International Background Checks

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An often overlooked gap in many employers’ background screening programs is conducting screening on international candidates. This includes not only conducting background screening on candidates sourced from locations outside of the U.S., but also conducting global screening on domestic candidates who have a history abroad. According to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, […]

5 Best Practices for Global Workforce Background Screening

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